Walks and/or backyard playtime for canine friends. Can be booked up to four times per day depending on your location. Perfect for potty breaks during work hours or an alternative to vacation boarding! In addition to a walk, the visit can include: collecting mail, refilling water bowls, feeding meals, and administering medication (pills, ointments, and insulin).

20 minutes… $20

30 minutes… $25

45 minutes… $35

60 minutes… $50

Quick let out… $10

Let outs for Wills Park and Crabapple areas only. Must have enclosed yard.

Multiple Walk Discount

10% off for 10 or more walks booked within the same month

Holiday Booking

A 20% holiday fee is added for holiday booking. It is recommended you book at least 2 weeks in advance as space is limited. Holidays include: New Years Eve & Day, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve & Day.

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